"Your Road To DOT Compliance Starts With Us!"

About us


Our organization embodies the following values in all we do:

  • Integrity - Our team members all believe that "The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles" is the bedrock of our institution.
  • Ethical approach - We will not cut corners, and we will never devalue our products or services.
  • Leadership - Every team member is a leader in our organization.
  • Respect - We have the highest respect for our team members, partners and clients.
  • Confidence - All of team members are confident professionals that are superbly capable of meeting your needs.
  • Innovation - Each of our team members will aspire to bring innovation to your business. We aim to make you better!

We can trace the beginning of AJT Compliance to a business competition that commenced in early 2014 (you can read about our competition here). Our premise was succinct: Connect people with smart technology. We needed to answer the difficult question of "How do we make transportation compliance an easier endeavor?" Our solution was DOT Shield. The formula: People + Technology = Capability.

Mission statement:

Provide exceptional compliance consulting services and technology to our clients today so that they, and their equipment, can safely complete a delivery tomorrow.


We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive transportation information system that gauges how well a transportation business is complying with mandated regulations. Furthermore, we focus on ensuring that our staff is well-versed in DOT regulations in order to guarantee the quality of service that we provide to our clients.



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