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"Your Road To DOT Compliance Starts With Us!"

Key Benefits

  • Security in data transmission.
  • Centralized data storage.
  • Simplicity of system.
  • Enterprise visibility of driver qualifications, asset management, and maintenance.

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AJT Compliance, LLC has developed an all-in-one data hub, DOT Shield, to track all your company’s fleet & driver data associated with your DOT Compliant initiatives.
The DOT Shield provides a fully functional online application system, preserves driver qualification files, driver drug testing results, safety & compliance scoring system and vehicle maintenance results for every location within your organization. Our system will constantly monitor and provide notification alerts of all expiring documents, both employee and fixed assets in order to maintain a good rating with the FMCSA.

With our DOT Shield, your organization will be able to streamline your processes and increase productivity in the following areas:

Asset Management - Fleet Maintenance – Onboarding Applicant Management - Employee & Driver Qualification Management - Training Management – Flexible Reporting.